Promo CD & Blog

Promo CDs are printed and have been sent to an initial round of experts for internal review. Hope y’all are digging the sounds!

Meanwhile, this Zieti blog continues to take take shape, with a re-vamped “Story of Zieti” and a new page, “Abidjan Live!,”  detailing our efforts to balance Abidjan’s prevailing winds of MIDI production and lip-synced performance by shipping used instruments direct to Zieti band members and their musical community.

Look for upcoming blog postings about the lives of Zieti’s bandmates and the current state of affairs in Cote d’Ivoire. Grainy 8mm video shot in Abidjan in the late 90s, as well as archival audio bits, stories and assorted abidjanalia will be coupled with first-hand reports from lead singer YEOUE Narcisse on how things look in his country from the ground up.

Stay tuned for all the above and more, as we slowly construct this tale of life as a musician in Abidjan, and hopefully (eventually) start to make a difference for roots musicians striving to find their voice in a digital world.

on fait comme ca,

les gars

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Alex Owre & Michael Shereikis, drummer and guitarist for Zieti View all posts by les gars

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