Tche video

This video was taken one night in 1999 at the little bar/maquis right next door to Narcisse and Laurent’s old home, on the railroad tracks in Port-Bouet. Some friends had lent me their camcorder, and I was messing around with Laurent and his girl. Egged on by the cameraman, Laurent offers her compliments and boasts, but is playfully rebuffed.

As on the album, audio from this footage segues into the song “Tche,” which continues the theme of love and relationships.

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One response to “Tche video

  • Jim Owre

    I used to be, and still am, Alex Owre’s father. We are extremely pleased to see and listen to Zieti’s music. This has been a long time in the making but the wait was definitely worth it. I met many of the people Alex was playing with at the time in 1992 and, although Christine (my wife) and I lived in Malawi, for four years, followed by Nigeria for almost nine, remember our brief time in Abidjan very fondly. Best of luck (although judging by the music it is not needed) to all you guys and, when appropriate I will do whatever I can to pull people’s coats about Zieti.

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