Update from Narcisse

Spoke with Narcisse on the phone today. He was in the middle of rehearsal with his reggae band for a show on Saturday at the Festival des Arts de la rue de Grand Bassam.

Life in Abidjan seems to be slowly getting back to some sort of normal, and Narcisse’s spirits were better than they’ve been lately. The fact that there is a festival this weekend is a very good sign.

We agreed that our top priority right now is to make contact with Laurent, who is living off the grid out West near Liberia. This will involve calling a friend in Djuekoue, who will send a runner to Laurent if the situation is calm enough. Abidjan is slowly stabilizing, but around Djuekoue there are still scores being settled. Mobility is sketchy at times. Hopefully we’ll be able to connect in the next few weeks without anyone getting hurt.

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