Zemelewa Video

This video is set to the title track of Zieti’s debut album, “Zemelewa.” The footage was all shot in 1999, starting with a typical night on the beach at Vridi Plage during which Laurent provides a tongue-in-cheek intro to a little a capella harmonizing (not shown). That intro was sampled and now introduces the first track on the album.

From there the scene shifts to walking from Narcisse and Laurent’s house by the tracks, through their gloglo (shantytown) to a lunch spot by the beach for some of the area’s best sauce arachide (peanut sauce).

After lunch the band travels to Alex’s house and small rehearsal space in Deux Plateaux for some music and a little fun harvesting his grapefruits. All in all a typical day in the life of Zieti.

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Alex Owre & Michael Shereikis, drummer and guitarist for Zieti View all posts by les gars

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