Shipping Instruments to Abidjan

We are most delighted to report that a first load of musical gear has been packed for shipment to Narcisse in Abidjan. This opportunity came from a good friend, Cherif, and his partner Yaya, who live in the area and make it their business to periodically ship cars and other equipment back home to Abidjan. They offered us the chance to stow-away on this container for free! We cannot thank them enough for this gift.

Many, many thanks also to Robert Fox, Jason Walker and Victor Crisen for their massive help in compiling our initial haul. The drumkit alone will make a huge difference, along with two guitars, effects pedal, powered mixer and monitors, a nice cajon, mic/stand/cable, plenty of extra cables, strings, picks, drum heads, extra snare/cymbals and even a clarinet. That’s a great start, and will make a huge difference in the life of Narcisse and his collaborators in Port Bouet.

Our plan is to seal the deal next year with keyboard, amps, more mics and a decent PA system, along with anything else people would like to slip into the musical bloodstream of Abidjan (theramin anyone?). Gear donations are most welcome, and in the coming weeks we will be establishing a fund to donate to this effort as well. The overall goal is to equip rehearsal space(s) in Abidjan, to be managed by Narcisse, with sound systems available for live performances. Once that’s established, we’ll turn our focus to recording gear.

Truly, the sky’s the limit in terms of how we can directly facilitate all manner of artistic expression in the creative community surrounding Zieti.

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