Afropop Worldwide previews “Zemelewa”

What a thrill to see Zieti on the front page of the Afropop Worldwide home page! The review offers a detailed description of the project and the music, and reviewer Eli Rumpf has plenty of good things to say about what he’s hearing. Words like intriguing, unique and unusual, are littered throughout with the ultimate assessment that this is something different.

Amen brother! Zieti is all those things. Many thanks to Rumpf for listening and taking the time to write so thoroughly about this project:

“Despite the many musicians and instruments involved, the album has a mellow, controlled feel. …the excellent compositional structure of the tunes creates momentum and holds the listener’s attention.”

Click here to see the full review at!

Here’s hoping we can generate more buzz when we officially release this album in the coming months! Stay tuned…

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Alex Owre & Michael Shereikis, drummer and guitarist for Zieti View all posts by les gars

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