Narcisse Unpacks

Today is a great day for Zieti! Our good friend Cherif has expertly navigated the shipment through customs, and Narcisse is literally unpacking boxes as I write this. We are all very psyched to say the least.

There was some drama of course. In a chaotic scene at the port, one of the boxes didn’t make it to Narcisse. Crushingly, it happened to be the box containing the two snare drums, cymbals, clarinet and worst of all, the CDs.

Grigri matters though, and a phone call from Cherif to his customs contact actually located the box! Cherif has kindly offered to get it to Narcisse. It was a sad moment to think of that stuff gone missing, but now…joy.

More to come once Narcisse has the whole enchilada en main, including his first impressions of listening to the full album.

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