Setting up Shop in Abidjan

Things move slowly in Abidjan, but they don’t fall apart (knock wood). There turned out to be two boxes that were somehow left at the customs office at the port. Cherif has put Narcisse in contact with the agent in charge, and Narcisse is scheduled to pick them up today. We’ll be calling later this afternoon to confirm that everything has finally made it to Narcisse.

Meanwhile, Narcisse is looking for a modest room to rent where he can set-up the instruments as a rehearsal space for local bands. This has always been the goal, to make instruments available for local bands to work out their sound without requiring the huge investment of a producer.  We will keep rental costs very low, just enough to pay rent on the space and keep Zieti and their families from going hungry.

The final bit of news from our phone call yesterday is that Laurent has sent word he is coming to Abidjan to re-join Narcisse as we embark on this new era for Zieti. This is amazing news, and adds fuel to our fires as we redouble efforts to grow this live music project in Abidjan. More on that development coming soon (we hope).

Viva Zieti!

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