House Hunters International – Moussakro

Tomorrow, Narcisse will head to his local Western Union kiosk in Abidjan to pick up enough cash to pay 3 months’ advance and 2 months’ security deposit on a rented room in his neighborhood. This will become Zieti’s new rehearsal spot, as well as a way to put some food on their tables by renting the space to other bands. It’ll undoubtedly also become an instant hub for the musical community in Narcisse’s area, the Zieti extended family. Reports of Narcisse’s progress on this (and photos) coming soon…

Meanwhile, Narcisse was finally able to listen to the full CD, and safe to say that he is psyched.  He seemed most happy with the way the music stays true to its original spirit, but also takes on these other colors and textures so seamlessly. He said that he and Laurent always intended their music to travel and reach a wider audience, and he was extremely gratified to hear it finally making that journey. The trans-atlantic collaboration seems to have worked for Narcisse, and he suggested that it’s a winning formula for future albums: “Laurent and I provide the vocals and melodies, and you dress them up.” That sounds good to us, but it’d be better if we were all in the same room when we did it…

[Sadly, Narcisse doesn’t have a CD player, so he has to take the album to a friend’s house to listen. We’ll have to rectify that in our next shipment!]

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