CDs in Production!


Check out the album cover for “Zemelewa” (at left). Roots vibe! We think this cover captures the creative spirit of Zieti perfectly. Nothing but a stool, a guitar, a notebook and a pen. No meat dress required.

The photo is of Laurent composing songs at home in his yard a few years back. Here’s hoping we hear from Laurent very soon, and that he can rejoin Narcisse in Abidjan when the time is right.

Always a joy to work with David Font-Navarette on design. Look out for a revamped website designed by David coming to an inbox near you very soon.

Meanwhile, we’re printing our first run of CDs and working with world music promoter FlipswitchPR on a national media campaign, culminating in a late-February official release. Stay tuned for more on that, and a chance to get your pre-release copy of the CD.

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