DC Musicians Got Mad Heart!

Another round of musical gear is scheduled to ship out from Washington DC to Narcisse and the Zieti family in Abidjan later this month. Infinite thanks once again to Zieti’s great friend Cherif for the container space! We decided to focus our efforts this time on outfitting the band with all the necessary pieces to equip a modest live music joint, probably in Zieti’s old stomping ground of Port Bouet near Abidjan’s airport.

So a few days ago we sent out an appeal to DC area musicians to see if they had any old gear they no longer needed and would be willing to donate to the cause. The response has been amazing!

In just the last two days we’ve received two 1200W power amps, a splitter and an equalizer, a 16-channel snake, 2 12″ PA speakers and a wedge monitor, beaucoup cables for speakers/mics/instruments, a 5-string bass, two massive old bass amps, a beautiful guitar cabinet and a smaller combo amp, an extra snare drum, two acoustic guitars and an electric, and even the one thing that Narcisse had on his wishlist, a wireless vocal mic. Many sincere and heartfelt thanks to Frank Marchand at Airshow Studios, Justine Miller of Chopteeth & Ronnie Newmyer of Bandhouse Gigs/The Soul Crackers for their crazy generous spirit.

We’ve also had offers of a 16-channel Mackie mixer, mic stands, a trombone, two stereos and an accordion, while other folks have offered to rummage in their garages and basements and attics for whatever else they can spare.

We are truly appreciative and overjoyed at this wonderful outpouring of support, and look forward very much to sharing the sights and sounds that everyone’s generosity will help create in Abidjan.

Merci mille-fois a tous!

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