More Music from the Heart of DC

This is just getting more interesting and fun and exciting and crazy day-by-day. More gear donations from Washington DC’s musical community have been coming in as we piece together a live sound system and backline for the Zieti family in Abidjan.

Sam “Seguito” Turner (Rumba Club, and a litany of jazz and latin legends) offered 3 high quality microphones in a carrying case w/ cables and stand, plus a Gretsch shell-pack with snare that is going to be the most unique drumkit in the city once the ferriers and modern-day blacksmiths of Abidjan’s metal markets work their magic on it.

Mark Gilbert (Chopteeth) unearthed from his wild and woolly basement a killer Yahama stereo-receiver and Sony 5 CD player, along with a second desk stereo unit. Victor Crisen (Chopteeth) added another desktop stereo with speakers, in addition to donating gear for the last shipment and a little cash as well. Feeling the love from the Chopteeth family for sure!

This got me thinking that the Zieti guys are going to need some CDs to play on these stereos, so I’ve begun burning discs of all kinds of different music, none of which is readily available on the Ivoirian market (old African re-issues & funky sounds from all over the globe). If nothing else, our Abidjan joint will have the most unique jukebox in town!

And then, just when it didn’t sound like things could get cooler, Craig Considine (Chopteeth/Rumba Club/All Mighty Senators/Boister/etc.) brought a beautiful trombone to the Zieti party! The case alone is excellent, and I can say with some certainty that the horn it contains will be one of the nicest trombones in the city. That makes the Zieti horn section clarinet and trombone so far. Perfect.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated gear. With the few bits and pieces that have been offered but not yet picked-up, plus a little pawn-shopping to round things out, we are all set and ready to make excellent things happen for roots musicians in Abidjan. Roots to roots…always the best route!

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