NPR likes Zieti!

What a thrill to hear a bit of Zieti played between segments on today’s Morning Edition on NPR! A few bars of “Zion Do” hit the airwaves immediately following a Lourdes Garcia-Navarro report on Egypt’s military government crackdown on revolutionaries. A sad tale alas…

Immediately following Zieti, NPR then played a snippet of “Snake Eyes” from DC afrofunksters and Zieti collaborators Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band. That’s a nice little two-fer for our indie label Grigri Discs.

Many thanks to Morning Edition, and here’s hoping for more exposure coming soon as we ramp up to Zieti’s March 6th official release!

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Alex Owre & Michael Shereikis, drummer and guitarist for Zieti View all posts by les gars

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