All Things Considered!

This has been an amazing week for Zieti, capped off by a 10 minute feature on NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday. Alex and Michael sat down for a long chat with host Guy Raz, and then they asked us back for a phone interview with Narcisse in Abidjan. The piece they produced from all our ramblings is just beautiful. We can’t say enough about the talent, spirit and passion of everyone at NPR. This country would simply not be complete without the work they do.

[Click here to listen to Zieti on NPR’s All Things Considered]

And we have more thanks to give, to all the players from Chopteeth, to Cheick Hamala Diabate and especially to Ary Zogdoule, Fifi, Kobo and Narcisse for making the CD release party such a smashing success on Thursday. I hope to see that scene repeated every Thursday at Bossa Bistro.

African music in DC is dans le mouvement quoi!

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2 responses to “All Things Considered!

  • GW

    This was a wonderful treat to hear about your band on NPR. We didn’t even wait to get home to look you up! We both grabbed our iPhones (me while at the red light of course!) and found you.
    You have a bunch of new fans…and my Sis and I are among them.

  • les gars

    Thank you so much for your message and positivity! Zieti is back on track and working toward the future now. Hopefully we’ll get Narcisse and Laurent to the states one day soon for a tour. Cheers!

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