Zemelewa reviewed on NPR!

We are overjoyed and incredibly honored that Afropop Worldwide Senior Editor Banning Eyre reviewed Zemelewa on NPR’s All Things Considered today, under the title “Zieti: Music As An Act of Resistance.” This is Zieti’s second feature on All Things Considered over the last 10 days, after our interview with Guy Raz on March 10.

It was an absolute joy to hear Eyre’s keen insights interspersed with choice clips from album tracks Zion Do, Zemelewa, Bah Bohi & SIDA. We intend to make the review’s final line stick as well: “Zemelewa is a solid debut for a band with stamina, grit and the musicality to breathe new life into retro sounds.”

Click here for the full review.

This sort of reception for a debut album by musicians that live thousands of miles apart is a testament to the incredible talent of everyone involved in making this record. It also gives us even more energy to pursue Zieti’s project of promoting live, roots music in Abidjan, and of course to record Zieti’s second album…


The Zieti story grows…

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