Zieti Still Rolling!

Wow! It’s been 2 months+ since our last update. Our bad.

But rest assured, Zieti hasn’t been sleeping.

In fact, over the last two months–miracle of miracles!–we have entered an excellent new age of video Skype with Laurent and Narcisse from their home in Abidjan. It’s an amazing thing to see each other in real time after so many years. We’ve recently started recording our Skypes as well, and will start posting video from those sessions soon.

Even better is that yesterday we packed our final load of donated musical gear into our friend Cherif’s container, bound for Abidjan next week. This is the big stuff (PA system, bass and guitar amps, more instruments, stereos, etc.) and with it Laurent and Narcisse will have everything they need to outfit a modest live music venue and band in Abidjan.  They have already started recruiting some excellent musicians to the project, and will soon be able to practice and perform on their own steam.

Yes-I! Despite our online hiatus there are indeed many Zietifications afoot on both sides of the pond, and we’ll be keeping it fresh moving forward.

As always, thank you for your support.

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