Zieti on the move…

2012 was quite a grand leap forward for Zieti!

Our debut album Zemelewa received excellent reviews last Spring, and we had a blast talking about the project on NPR and having our songs and story reach so many ears and minds. The album’s release also brought Laurent and Narcisse back together in Abidjan after years of separation, and introduced us to the miracle of video chat across an ocean. We were renewed and reunited.

Narcisse with our latest gear shipmentThanks to great friend Cherif and some wonderful musicians in the DC area, 2012 also saw three completed shipments to Abidjan containing all the musical instruments and sound gear Narcisse and Laurent need for rehearsal, recording and performance, all safely stored in their home.

Moving full steam ahead in December, we signed a contract on 8,600 square feet (20 x 40 meters) of land just outside Abidjan, near the beach toward Grand Bassam. It’s just an empty lot at the moment, but it’s our empty lot, and it’s big enough to house Zieti plus music and dance studios, performance space and lodging for visiting musicians (click image to enlarge):

Zieti's Future Home

Zieti has always had talent and beaucoup heart, but 2012 has brought some wonderful new energy and support to the project, in the form of gear and terra firma on which to build a future through music in the Ivory Coast. We’re looking forward optimistically to 2013, when we’ll begin to set this vision literally in concrete.

Stay tuned…

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