Zieti Plays the Palace!

Matuto in AbidjanYes-I! We’re delighted to report that Zieti has been invited to join American band Matuto onstage at the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan for an epic evening of original, live music this Sunday (March 17)!

Matuto is a stellar band that’s crafted a unique and wonderful sound they call “Appalachia-gone-Afro-Brazilian.” That combination may sound nuts, but their excellent musicianship and positive spirit turn what sounds like an academic exercise into a brilliant, vibrant new kind of music that will leave you marvelling.

They are currently on tour in Africa through a US State Department program, and will be landing in Abidjan this weekend. We were put in touch through our mutual publicist (Flipswitch), and Matuto graciously invited Zieti to join them onstage.

Laurent and Narcisse and their bandmates in Abidjan have been rehearsing and are ready to rock the Palais de la Culture in Treichville with some new material. Stay tuned for photos and video next week.

And if you’re in Abidjan this Sunday, FAUT PAS RATER!!!!!!

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