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1. Zemelewa   …a song of patient perseverence despite suffering, which acts as a sort of benediction for the whole Zieti project.
2. Zion Do   …a prayer of thanks and for benediction to the most high, however you might conceive such a thing.
3. Tindehe   …a call to cultural arms in this age of modernization-at-all-costs, and a reminder of the power of tradition as we move forward in this world.
4. Tche   …a love song, to a woman who has already moved on.
5. Patriote   …a call for unity to all Ivoirians, to work together to recreate their country’s prosperity.
6. Politiki   …an expression of utter disdain for divisive politics as usual in the Ivory Coast, calling on politicians to work for the common good.
7. Djemin   …a caution to those who still frequent prostitutes and engage in a promiscuous lifestyle despite the risk of HIV/AIDS.
8. Natablehon   …a song about renewed hope upon receiving a gift from a friend.
9. Bah Bohi   …addressed to fathers, pleading with them to address our problems despite our faults, as it is a father’s right and duty to do.
10. SIDA   …another warning against promiscuous behavior in the age of HIV/AIDS.
11. Mandedi*   …translates as “brother,” calling on us all to recognize the realities of the world, specifically the power of money in human society through the ages, from metal bracelets to cowries to cash, credit cards & banks.  
12. Zre*  …”zre” describes a person who creates problems and palaver, for which the best antidote is always humbleness and the truth.
* There are as yet no lyrics or translations recorded for the last two tunes, Mandedi & Zre. Soon come…

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